Trapped goat rescued from Llandudno cliff ledge

Image source, RSPCA Cymru

A young goat has been rescued after becoming trapped on a ledge in Conwy county.

A team of six RSPCA officers were involved in rescuing the Great Orme animal, using a rope, near Llandudno.

It was trapped on a ledge above the town's Marine Drive.

The officers abseiled from about 30m (98ft) above the goat and caught him by the horns, placing him in a bag and abseiling down further to safe land to release him.

Mike Pugh, RSPCA inspector said: "This was a complex rescue, as it was imperative to ensure the goat was calm enough so he didn't panic, and dangerously jump off the towering ledge.

"The goat spent over a week on the ledge, and by the time he had eaten all available food, it became obvious that an RSPCA rope team would be required."

The goat was not harmed in the rescue.

Image source, RSPCA Cymru
Image source, RSPCA Cymru
Image source, RSPCA Cymru

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