Rogue apostrophes in Colwyn Bay inscribed paving stones

Image source, Bellis
Image caption, Some of the new paving slabs are inscribed with rogue apostrophes

People strolling along a recently reopened promenade in Conwy county have spotted grammatical errors inscribed in the paving stones.

Colwyn Bay seafront underwent a multi-million pound redevelopment, but slabs highlighting the town's history refer to the "1870's" and "1900's - 1950's".

There should not be any apostrophes.

A Conwy council spokesman said: "The information has been shared with the Waterfront Project Team, and they are looking into it."

Last week, a European flag etched into a paving slab on the promenade sparked accusations of EU propaganda.

A council spokesman said at the time that in accepting EU funds for the project, it had an obligation to acknowledge that fact.

Image source, Bellis
Image caption, Some of the inscriptions are correct

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