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Rare turtle Menai 'improving' after washing up on Anglesey

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Media captionRecovering rare turtle Menai to get larger tank

A rare tropical turtle found in a serious condition after washing up on an Anglesey beach is more lively and improving every day, a zoo has said.

The animal, nicknamed Menai, was discovered at Tan-y-Foel close to Anglesey Sea Zoo a month ago.

The zoo said it was the first time an Olive ridley turtle had been in the UK.

Staff, who took it to a vet, said Menai was now progressing to the next stage of its recovery by being moved to a larger tank inside their aquarium.

Zoo owner Frankie Horbo said: "As she is now so active we are hoping this new environment will allow her to start diving and moving around more, and may help to resolve some of her buoyancy issues."

She said records dating back to 1748 showed Menai was the first Olive ridley to arrive in the UK.

"It's incredibly unusual. The nearest breeding population is in Gabon, in south western Africa," she said.

Ms Horbo said Menai was comatose when she arrived but had managed to retain "a core of body heat" and was now back to her ideal temperature.

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