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Anglesey Zoo 'delighted' with recovery of rare sea turtle

Menai is said to be recovering well Image copyright Anglesey Sea Zoo
Image caption Menai is said to be recovering well

A rare tropical sea turtle which washed up on an Anglesey beach is making "daily progress" but remains in a critical condition.

Anglesey Sea Zoo has said it is "delighted" the animal, nicknamed Menai, has started to feed and show regular signs of activity.

It is the first Olive Ridley turtle to be found in UK waters, and was severely hypothermic when she was found stranded near the zoo.

She remains in quarantine.

Her ambient water temperature has now been raised and maintained at 25 to 26C, the level to which she is normally accustomed.

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Media captionMystery turtle turns up in Wales

Frankie Hobro, Anglesey Sea Zoo director, said she believed Menai had travelled 15,000 miles from her usual habitat to the north Wales island.

She added: "We are delighted with Menai's continuing recovery.

"Not only has she survived until now against all odds but currently she is continuing to make daily progress.

"She is clearly a feisty character. We are becoming more optimistic over her continued improvement, particularly now she has started to feed."

Image copyright Anglesey Sea Zoo
Image caption Anglesey Sea Zoo hope to discover where Menai is from

The zoo hope to use DNA samples to establish where Menai is from, and are working with Olive Ridley turtle experts to possibly release her back into the wild.

"It would be such a happy ending to this incredible story," Ms Hobro said.

The zoo is raising money to help rehabilitate Menai, and return her home.

It is also appealing for a regular supply of fresh oily fish to feed her.

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