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Gwynedd council criticised for not cutting the grass

Long grass in a park

Gwynedd council has been criticised for not cutting the grass in its cemeteries, play areas and open spaces.

The authority has reduced the frequency of grass cutting to save money.

But it has led to complaints from residents, with the overgrowth said to be "destroying" people's final resting places.

The council said it has brought forward its next scheduled cut in many locations.

Councillor Dilwyn Lloyd has received complaints about a park in his ward of Talysarn. He said the long grass posed a risk to the public.

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Media captionCouncillor Dilwyn Lloyd said he had received complaints about the grass

Meanwhile, Nerys Owen-Jones recently visited her mother's grave at Coetmor cemetery in Bethesda and was "deeply saddened" by what she saw.

"I drove up to my mum who thankfully has my father maintaining her plot, but apart from a few others, it's all overgrown," she said.

"There are a few there that I know will never be looked after as there are no children and the wives/husbands are not capable.

"It's so very sad that your last resting place ends up under council cutbacks and the visiting place for families is destroyed."

She added: "The grass cutting service needs to be reinstated immediately. It's a disgrace."

In March Gwynedd council approved a programme of service cuts totalling £4.94m. It included an option to reduce the frequency of grass cutting.

A council spokesman said: "It must unfortunately be accepted that less frequent grass cutting will inevitably lead to a deterioration in the tidiness of some areas during certain times of the year.

"However, the very recent spate of growth means that the council has brought forward the next scheduled cut in may locations throughout the county, and this work is being carried out as quickly as possible."

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