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No charges over Celia Service's death in Rhos on Sea

Celia Mary Service Image copyright David Service
Image caption Celia Mary Service was walking with her daughter when she was hit

The family of a woman who died after being hit by a car in Conwy county have expressed their disappointment that no-one is to be prosecuted over her death.

Celia Service, 72, from Colwyn Bay, was hit after a Jaguar XF mounted the pavement in Rhos on Sea in April 2012.

No charges were brought against driver Geoffrey Read, who was 90 at the time.

Police reviewed the case after Mrs Service's family hired a private investigator. But the Crown Prosecution Service is not taking the case further.

Mr Read told police that he had "blacked out" at the time his car mounted the pavement and hit a shop - a collision which also left Mrs Service's daughter, Helen, seriously injured.

When no charges were brought against him, Mrs Service's family hired a private investigator who presented new evidence to the police.

North Wales Police agreed to review the case in spring 2015.

But in a letter sent to the family, the CPS said there was still "insufficient evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of obtaining a conviction".

Crown Prosecutor Andrew Fouracre said: "In my assessment, it is highly possible that Mr Read suffered a loss of consciousness prior to the collision.

"Equally, it is entirely possible that the collision occurred because he became distracted and/or paid insufficient attention to the road.

Image copyright David Service
Image caption Celia Mary Service was married to David and had two children

"However, based on the available material, there is no evidence upon which the prosecution can rely to prove the latter scenario over that of the former."

The family said they will be asking for a review of the decision, and have criticised the police investigations both at the time and more recently.

Mrs Service's husband, David said: "This is a disgusting, disgraceful and quite frankly immoral decision by the CPS.

"Our sweetest, beloved, wise and gentle Ci, Celia Mary Service, was everything that is of beauty in this world.

"As a family we have been devastated."

Ch Insp Darren Wareing, of North Wales Police, said: "Though time consuming because of the complexities of the investigation North Wales Police felt the depth of the investigation important to ensure that a fully informed decision could be taken by the CPS.

"A full and highly detailed file of evidence was presented to the CPS and they have now taken a decision in that regard."

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