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Bangor university pays £168,000 to upgrade boss's home

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Image caption The university has defended the payments

Bangor University has been criticised for spending over £150,000 refurbishing and furnishing its vice-chancellor's home.

The institution spent £168,747.16 on Prof John Hughes' house between 2010 and 2015.

The NUS said it was wrong that, "those who get paid the most money also get the greatest perks".

The university said it owned the building, and that it was a, "normal arrangement".

Freedom of information (FOI) figures reveal that the institution spent almost £130,000 refurbishing the house.

Payments for new furniture include £2,080 for a Laura Ashley bedframe and mattress, £1,289 for Laura Ashley curtains, as well as £1,499 for a sideboard.

Prof Hughes' broadband and telephone bills are also covered.

The university bought the residence for £475,000 in 2010 when Prof Hughes took up his position.


Fflur Elin, Bangor NUS president, said: "Is it right that people who get paid the most also get the most perks?

"Nobody has done anything illegal. But we should be moving to a system where this doesn't happen."

A Bangor University spokesman said a June 2011 independent report valued the property at £750,000 at that time.

They added: "The university has invested in a house for the vice-chancellor which is also used for events and meetings with the vice-chancellor.

"This is a normal arrangement for universities and the university own the house.

"It's important to note that the house is a university asset like many other buildings and can be sold at any point in the future, should the university wish to do so.

"During the same period, the university has also invested over £100 million in facilities for students at Bangor."

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