North West Wales

Anglesey and Pembrokeshire hike second-home council tax

Houses on Anglesey as viewed from Menai Suspension Bridge Image copyright Thinkstock

Owners of second homes and long-term empty properties in Pembrokeshire and on Anglesey will be charged extra for their council tax.

Anglesey council voted through a 25% rise with Pembrokeshire introducing a 50% increase on Thursday.

Other local authorities in Wales are considering similar premiums under new powers introduced by the Welsh Government.

The increases will come into effect in April, 2017.

In Pembrokeshire, at least half of the revenue raised from the move will be spent on affordable housing. The remaining 50% will be spent on local services.

Image caption Second-home council tax premiums across Wales

An amendment to introduce a 100% premium was defeated.

Earlier, Anglesey council said there were 2,311 second homes on the island and 784 long-term empty properties.

In a statement issued before the vote, the authority said a 25% premium was a "sensible starting-point", although the changes mean charges could be doubled in future.

It said the main driver was to bring empty properties back into use to help young people on to the property ladder rather than "creating additional income" and potentially affecting Anglesey's tourism industry.

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