North West Wales

Fairbourne sea defences to be maintained for 40 more years

Fairbourne in Gwynedd

Sea defences protecting coastal homes in a Gwynedd village will be maintained for 40 more years, residents have been told.

Fairbourne was expected to enter into "managed retreat" in 2025 due to the cost of maintaining defences.

Villagers claim their homes have since been devalued or remained empty.

Councillors told residents about the new scheme on Friday, but said the sea would be expected to reclaim the village after that.

The defences, managed by Natural Resources Wales, currently protect about 500 properties.

Councillor John Wynn Jones, cabinet member for the environment, said the council would work with residents to find solutions which were "acceptable to the community".

Residents will hold a closed meeting on 5 February to discuss the scheme.

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