Conwy Council starts scooter safety tips for pupils

By Chris Dearden
BBC Wales News

image captionThe training is offering 'vital tips' to stay safe on the small scooters

The booming interest in scooter riding has led a council to offer safety training for young school pupils.

Conwy believes it is the first in Wales to respond to the trend with more children opting for the small-wheeled scooters on the school run.

It has been running cycle safety training for years so decided to meet the demand for scooters as well.

It is hoped the training will help keep children safe and help them get some exercise.

Julie Birchall, Conwy's road safety officer, said: "More and more children are riding them to school, often at a very young age, so we realised we needed to make sure they're safe.

"The course is particularly aimed at the younger children. It gives them lots of skills like balance, co-ordination and awareness of road safety.

"These are essential skills to get them through everyday life."

image captionNot too fast - part of the code for scooter riding

Children at schools in Craig-y-Don, Dwygyfylchi, Glan Conwy and Llysfaen have been taking part in the training, which involves riding their scooters to school and then training in the playground.


Nine-year-old Jacob, a pupil at Ysgol Glan Conwy, rides his scooter to school most days.

He took part in the training and said: "We learned to watch out for smaller children, not to go to fast, keep looking and to always wear a helmet."

Another pupil at the school, Ffion who is five, said: "We need to look when we cross the road and we need to wear helmets and if it's slippery, not go too fast."

Coun Mike Priestley, Conwy's cabinet member for roads, said that the new course does not just help children stay safe.

"While they're coming to school on their scooters, they're not coming in cars. They're keeping fit and they're out in the fresh air, and not clogging the roads up at rush hour.

"So it makes sense to have a scheme that improves training and gives out some safety tips to the young people."

The training has been paid for by a Welsh government grant.

Conwy council hopes it will soon become a permanent and available to all children in the county.

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