North West Wales

Jason Roberts jailed for headbutting referee in Caernarfon league match

A footballer who headbutted a referee after being sent off after his second offence has been jailed for two years.

Jason Roberts, 24, of Caernarfon, Gwynedd knocked Shon Hughes to the ground leaving him needing dental work.

Roberts admitted assault causing actual bodily harm during a Caernarfon district league match last September.

He was jailed for a year at Caernarfon Crown Court and a 12-month suspended sentence for headbutting a police officer was activated consecutively.

The game between Harlech and Roberts' side, Llanbabo, was abandoned after the substitute player's attack on the referee.

'Entirely unprovoked' attack

He had been booked for dissent and was then given a red card for encroaching within 10yds (9m) of a free-kick close to the end of the game

The prosecution said the attack was "entirely unprovoked".

The court was told Roberts was fined £500 by the football authorities for the offence and that fine remains unpaid.

Llanbabo was also fined for Roberts' conduct. The side has has since left the league.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC told Roberts his victim had suffered physical and psychological injuries.

The court heard that in February Roberts had also headbutted a police officer.

Judge Hughes said: "You seem to have a propensity to use your head as a weapon.

"You used your head as a weapon and intended to cause more serious injury than in fact you inflicted."