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Emma Jones murder: Dad Barry Jones cannot accept her death

The father of a woman murdered by a mother-of-two with a kitchen knife says he cannot accept losing such a "bubbly, loving character".

Emma Jones, 31, died when Alwen Jones, 24, of Llanllyfni, Gwynedd, stabbed her at the entrance to flats during a party at Penygroes.

The victim's father Barry Jones said: "It's very, very hard to deal with something you can't accept."

Alwen Jones will be sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court on Thursday.

She has been told she faces a life sentence.

Barry Jones, who lives in Bangor, said it had been a traumatic time and he had lost 10 months of his life since the incident in December last year.

"The family, we have these meetings, we discuss things and the girls break down and we have got to rearrange it," said Mr Jones.

Image caption Alwen Jones will be sentenced at Caernarfon on Thursday

"It's very, very hard having to deal with something you can't accept - such a bubbly, loving character gone out of your life through violence."

Mr Jones said his daughter was a "lovely girl".

"[She was] fun loving, caring, full of confidence, absolutely adored her son, loved horse riding - she used to take her son horse riding," he said.

Emma Jones was murdered on 10 December at the entrance to flats close to where she lived in Penygroes after angering her attacker by laughing at her, the court heard.

It followed Alwen Jones's 21-year-old sister Grace being asked to leave a house party at the flats by Emma Jones and her boyfriend following a disagreement.

Alwen Jones was at home but went to the flats carrying a kitchen knife in her bra which she used to stab her victim.

Emma Jones died from a single stab wound.

She had claimed she carried the knife to protect herself and her sister because of Emma Jones's reputation.

The defence barrister, Elwen Evans, said Alwen Jones was very sorry for what happened.

But the judge said she must expect a life sentence, the only question was how long he would set as the minimum time she should spend in prison.

For the victim's family and friends, it has been a struggle to come to terms with what has happened.

"The number of people that came do the funeral proves how popular she was," said Mr Jones.

"I've got a letter here from workmates and colleagues explaining just how much she meant to them."

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