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Gwynedd councillor Aeron Maldwyn Jones's blog suspension

A Gwynedd councillor has been suspended for the second time in a year over comments he made in an online blog.

The council's standards committee found Aeron Maldwyn Jones had breached a code of conduct, and issued him with a three-month ban.

It stemmed from a complaint about what Mr Jones, who represents Llais Gwynedd in the Llanwnda ward, had written about a Plaid Cymru blogger.

He has been been asked to comment and is expected to respond later on Friday.

The public services ombudsman for Wales had referred the matter to the council.

In a report, ombudsman Peter Tyndall said that several attempts had been made to get Mr Jones's side of the story, but he had not replied.

In the end, he decided to refer the matter to Gwynedd's standards committee.

It found him guilty of breaching the council's code of conduct and imposed the suspension, a year after Mr Jones was suspended for a month following an entry on his blog.

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