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Horse riders use head cams to film drivers' abuse in Conwy

Horse riders in the Conwy Valley are wearing helmet cameras to provide evidence of abuse from motorists and vehicles passing too close.

Karen Bream, a rider from Rowen, said: "I've been passed so closely that my horse has come into contact with people's wing mirrors."

She said motorists change their driving attitude when they spot the cameras.

Local councillor Paul Roberts admitted it was difficult to police minor and rural roads.

The devices can be turned on with the flick of a switch while riding along.

Ms Bream says she does most of her riding off public roads, but has to access route using country lanes.

"It's happened on two occasions, one man was actually on his mobile phone when he hit my leg and the back of the horse," she said.


"I've had lorries coming quite quickly towards me, and not giving me enough time to pull into a safe area."

"It was after those incidents that I thought how could I protect myself?

"I thought that the only way to protect myself was to wear lots of hi-visibilty clothing and to wear a head cam so I have a record of what happens."

Her daughter Nicola also uses a head cam along with another horse rider in the area.

Conservative councillor Paul Roberts, who represents Caerhun ward in the Conwy Valley, said he was concerned about road safety on some of the narrow rural roads in the area.

"A number of people in the area have complained that motorists are less aware of the needs of horse riders and cyclists," he said.

"More and more people are coming to the countryside for leisure activities, not just horse riding, but also cycling.

"But it's very difficult to police rural roads. We need all the authorities to work together to arrange an education and awareness campaign to tackle the issue."

Dyfed-Powys Police say a horse was alarmed by a cyclist in Pembroke over the August Bank Holiday weekend, which resulted in the animal flaring up, aggravating an old injury.

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