Beaumaris pier on Anglesey is reopened after revamp

image captionA 'Party for the Pier' event will be held in the town on Saturday

The pier in Beaumaris on Anglesey is being officially reopened on Friday following refurbishment.

It has been upgraded as part of a £5.6m Anglesey Coastal Environment Project to improve facilities along the island' s coastline.

Work done includes strengthening the timber supports and replacing the existing decking.

Anglesey council leader Bryan Owen said Beaumaris was the island's busiest tourist destination.

"The pier is an important draw for the island, and this work will help capitalise on the pier's economic contribution to the local and regional economy, both now and in the future," he added.

'Pile of matchwood'

Beaumaris councillor Richard Owen said the pier was previously in such bad condition boats were not able to land there properly.

"Because of health and safety too they would have had to shut the old pier," he added.

Town councillor, and boat user, Stan Zalot, said the refurbished pier was not as "aesthetically" pleasing as the old one, but "practically it works, and that's what's important as otherwise we'd have been out of business and this town would have been down the tubes".

Mr Zalot said there had been some comments about the new pontoon structure which goes up and down with the tide at the end of the pier.

"A lot of people say it detracts from the beauty of the area, but the point is you've got to have employment and beauty and employment sometimes don't go together.

"It's necessary that we have a safe structure, and if something had not been done in the next two years then the pier would have been a pile of matchwood on the sea bed," he added.

Alun Davies, the deputy minister for agriculture, food, fisheries and European programmes, will carry out the official reopening.

He described the structure as a "historical landmark".

"I am confident this scheme will demonstrate there are significant economic opportunities to be gained for businesses and tourism from Wales' coastline," he added.

As well as the official opening on Friday a 'Party for the Pier' event is being organised by Beaumaris Chamber of Trade and Tourism for Saturday.