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Beaumaris Arts Festival: Orchestra and iPad users perform

image captionWarren Greveson's interest in space exploration grew during his youth in the 1960s

An orchestra is to play alongside performers using iPads in an unusual concert whose theme is out of this world.

The performance at Beaumaris Arts Festival on Anglesey charts the 35-year journey taken by the two Nasa Voyager spacecraft on their 12bn mile trek.

Composer Warren Greveson says the Welsh Chamber Orchestra will play using conventional instruments.

At the same time, four people will play sounds using apps on their iPads.

"The idea of fusing technology with classical instruments is not new, but as far as I know no-one else has produced a work such as this," he said.

"The 30-minute performance will be accompanied by video projections to complement the music.

"It is going to be an interesting evening."

Mr Greveson, who is from Beaumaris, said he was fascinated by space exploration while growing up in the 1960s.

The piece of music has been inspired by the pictures sent back by the two spacecraft and has been cut from an hour to 30 minutes.

"Following a number of suggestions I completely rescored the work as a commission for the Beaumaris Arts Festival," he said.

"This was shortened to a 30-minute work, largely by missing out some of the shorter pieces, for chamber orchestra and a virtual choir.

"Coming from an electronic background I looked at the idea of merging conventional classical instruments with electronic sounds.

"It was at this point that I discovered the wonderful apps available for the iPhone and iPad and began to research this with the idea that the virtual choral parts could be performed by musicians using iPads instead of conventional classical instruments."

The work can be seen at 19:30 BST on Wednesday.

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