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Llandudno promenade cyclists ban is lifted by council

Conwy councillors have backed plans to allow cycling along Llandudno promenade for the first time since it was built in around 1876.

They voted 6-2 in favour of allowing cyclists to use the seafront for a one-year trial.

Campaigners welcomed the decision and said common sense had prevailed.

Opponents had argued the promenade is used by elderly people and speeding bikes would be dangerous.

"It's sheer relief that common sense has prevailed," said Roy Spilsbury, from the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) Cymru.

"Cyclists now won't have to go along the main parade battling with the busy road," he added.

The charity Sustrans, which promotes cycling and walking, said bikes are allowed on 125 other UK seafronts, and Llandudno was in a minority.

Cycling has never been officially allowed on the promenade since it was built and Conwy council has considered the issue several times in recent years, always voting to keep the ban.

Tuesday's meeting decided to trial bike use with safeguards such as CCTV and warning signs.

Christine Jones, who chaired a group of councillors who looked into the issue, said they had decided to look into cycling on the promenade more seriously.

"Yes, we think there probably will be risks but the risks are minimal," she said.

"You have risks if you put a car on the road and as a consequence of this we have decided to go forward."

John Lawson Reay, from the Llandudno civic trust, said he was against the proposals.

"Bicycles and pedestrians don't mix," he said.

"We don't allow them on the pavements in towns and cities. It applies exactly the same on the promenade.

"The question of other resorts... in fact some of the major south coast resorts to ban cyclists from their promenades so that's a precedent.

"The reality of it is that people want to walk along a promenade in safety with their kids and their dogs."

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