North West Wales

Gwynedd door-to-door fish sellers warning

People in Gwynedd are being warned about door-to-door fish salesmen operating in the area.

Council officials and police say householders have no way of knowing how the fish has been stored or whether it is safe to eat.

The traders have made unsolicited calls at homes, particularly in the Llanbedr and Dyffryn Ardudwy areas.

Coun Eryl Jones-Williams said they seemed to be targeting elderly people and some had paid them up to £450.

"It appeared that the door-to-door fish sellers, both well built men wearing white coats, were telling the elderly people that they would put the fish in their freezers and then hand them a bill for large amounts of money," said Mr Jones-Williams.

12 trays

"In some instance cheques had to be made out to the fish sellers.

"What worried me was . . . there was no check on where the fish came from.

"I was also told that an elderly woman, who lives alone and who received home care from Gwynedd council, had 12 trays of fish at her home when her carer called."

Andrew Parry of the council's trading standards unit said the best place to buy fish was from a reputable fishmonger at an established shop or stall.

"We have concerns about the situation, especially as to whether the fish sellers are registered as a food business operator and if indeed they are adhering to all food safety and hygiene regulations which applies to such businesses," Mr Parry said.

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