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Snowdon bad weather may hamper plan to remove 4x4

image captionThe vehicle on Snowdon, as bad weather closed in on Monday

Officials hope to remove a car which was driven up Snowdon soon, but bad weather on Wales' highest mountain could hamper their efforts.

Snowdonia National Park officers aim to take the 4x4 from near the top of the 1,085m (3,560ft) peak on Wednesday.

But no decision has yet been taken on how it will it be brought down.

Craig Williams, 39, who described himself as an out-of-work freelancing vehicle recovery technician, is accused of driving on moorland or common land.

Mr Williams, from Gloucestershire, who said driving the vehicle up Snowdon was on his list of 50 things to do before he dies, was criticised for his actions.

On Monday he had said he hoped to be permitted to drive it back from where it got stuck, about 400 yards (365m) from the top, next to the railway line.

Alan Kendall, the general manager of the Snowdon Mountain Railway said there were four options to get it back down.

"It could be winched off by helicopter, broken up and brought down in pieces, ramped onto a flat bed truck and brought down on the railway or driven down," he said.

But the railway company has said that any recovery was unlikely on Tuesday because of the bad weather.

Torrential rain

Overnight torrential rain and winds gusting 69mph lashed Snowdonia.

BBC Wales weather forecaster Sue Charles said 55mm (2in) of rain fell on Capel Curig in Snowdonia in 24 hours, and it was also the windiest place, with gusts of 69mph (111km/h) recorded.

The mountain lies at the heart of the Snowdonia National Park.

image captionThe car was found on the mountain on Saturday morning

The park called Mr Williams' actions unacceptable.

"The latest is that the car will be moved tomorrow, but at the moment we are unsure how the car will come down," said a spokesman.

"Discussions are continuing about how to resolve the issue.

"Because the vehicle is so high up too, the weather is also a factor because of high winds," he added.

Craig Williams has been charged with an offence of driving on moorland or common land and has been bailed to appear before Caernarfon magistrates on 16 September.

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