North West Wales

Llanrwst paedophile internet slur man 'heard voices'

A man posted photos of innocent people on the internet branding them paedophiles because he was hearing "abusive voices", a court has heard.

An ambulance service first responder, school workers and students were among the victims of Rory Fyfe Smith, 31, of Llanrwst, Conwy.

He admitted seven counts of posting offensive material and received a two-year community order.

A five-year anti-social behaviour order prohibits any further web postings.

During the hearing at Llandudno Magistrates' Court, Smith apologised, blaming his behaviour on mental illness.

"For about the last decade I have been hearing abusive voices and suffering from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)," he said.

"The voices took the form of virtually everyone I saw insulting me. I even thought people in aeroplanes were insulting me."

Smith said that now he was on medication he realised his victims had done nothing wrong.

He added: "I am sorry to my victims and hope they can understand I carried out the actions while very ill and would never do them again.

"I am deeply embarrassed by my actions while mentally ill. I am sorry."

The court previously heard that Smith used a camera to take photographs of his victims without their permission while they were out in Llanrwst.

He also used pictures of them from a social network site.

The images were placed on blogs and an internet video site with captions such as "child abuser".

'Severe stress'

Carla Forfar, defending, told the court Smith accepted there was no foundation in any of the allegations.

Mrs Forfar said that since he had started taking his medication there had been a "huge improvement" in Smith's mental condition and he had deleted all the malicious items from the internet.

Magistrates heard his victims suffered severe stress and potential harm to their professional and personal lives.

The court also heard Smith had a twin brother whose car had been vandalised because he had been mistaken for the defendant.

Smith, who was ordered not to make contact with any of the victims, was also ordered to pay £85 costs and continue with his mental health treatment for two years.

Another 27 charges were taken into consideration.

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