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Tyler Denton: Murder accused 'had two personalities'

image captionRedvers Bickley (pictured far right, wearing glasses) arrived at Mold Crown Court
A man accused of murdering his housemate and stabbing three members of her family has told a court he had "a good side and a bad side".
Defending himself at Mold Crown Court Redvers Bickley, 21, said he had a manifestation of an alternative character within himself called James.
He denies murdering Tyler Denton and three charges of attempted murder against Cody, Shannen and Paul Denton.
He also said he had been in a sexual relationship with the victim.
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He is accused of attacking the three sisters and their father with a knife outside the home he shared with Tyler Denton in Rhyl.
Ms Denton had been celebrating her partner Hayley Barnett's 25th birthday on the night of her death on 9 September 2017.
During the hearing, Mr Bickley told the court he had noticed a second character in his mind at the age of four, but it had become more pronounced in his teenage years.
"I just felt there was this part of me that was different. It got to the point where I had to give it a name to differentiate it."
He added the voice would tell him to hurt people and there were "two sides of me - a good side and a bad side - and they were fighting over who had control of me."
In the weeks leading up to the attack Mr Bickley, of Rhyl, said "it was like he was growing stronger", and "I felt I was losing the fight against him".
Mr Bickley told the court he did not know why he had stabbed the women, but he did remember stabbing Cody Denton in the neck.
He had no recollection of stabbing Tyler Denton but said he found her curled up not moving with her saying: "I am hurting - I am dead now."
Paul Denton, the father of the three sisters, arrived shortly after and had a scuffle with Mr Bickley, who ran off.
Mr Bickley told the court he then tried to stab himself in the throat three times.
He did not remember telling Mr Denton: "You have got to kill me Paul, it's him. Kill me now. I can't stop."
The accused also told the court he had been in a sexual relationship with Tyler Denton from 2013 to 2015, but he had only told one friend about it and the pair were not committed.
The trial continues.

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