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Wrexham dog ban comes into force in public spaces

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A new dog ban comes into force in some parts of Wrexham from 1 March.

Wrexham council's Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) replaces the current dog control orders in the county.

It excludes dogs from sports pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts, skate parks and children's play areas.

The RSPCA described the new measures as "restrictive" but the council said responsible dog owners "will have nothing to fear."

The PSPO follows a public consultation.

The council said the public "showed strong support for control of dogs in designated areas", while the RSPCA said the order could create a "negative view of dog ownership".

The charity said banning dogs from sport pitches was "restrictive", especially if there were no other spaces nearby.

It said dogs need to have exercise off the lead, allowing them to express "their normal behaviour".

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The PSPO includes:

  • Exclusion of dogs from bowling green playing surfaces, playing areas of market sports pitches, skate parks, tennis courts, multi-use games areas and fenced children's play areas (owners with assistance dogs are excluded)
  • Placing dogs on leads when instructed by an authorised officer
  • Placing dogs on leads around visitor centres and park car parks
  • Placing dogs on leads on public roads and pavements
  • Owners picking up after their dogs in all public places

Councillor David A Bithell, lead member for environment and transport, said: "Not picking up after a dog has fouled has and always will be an offence and is something people feel particularly strongly about.

"I am pleased that enforcement in this particular area is proving successful with officers reporting more dog owners picking up after their dog has fouled."

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