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Holywell nurse who filmed neighbours guilty of harassment

Mold Crown Court
Image caption Lesley Hughes was found guilty of harassing six neighbours after filming them and posting footage online

A nurse who filmed her neighbours before posting the videos online has been convicted of harassment.

Lesley Hughes, 50, of Holywell, claimed to have been trying to send the footage to Channel Five programme Nightmare Neighbours when the images went public.

Flintshire Magistrates heard how some residents felt constantly watched by Hughes who had up to nine cameras outside her house.

Hughes was convicted of harassing six neighbours.

A police report, read at the hearing, suggested that she was "obsessed with filming neighbours at every occasion" and repeatedly made accusations about them.

She had denied the charges and Gwyndaf Parry, defending, said she was remorseful and the videos had been posted by accident.

Mr Parry said: "Some consider her to be a good neighbour and not the nightmare neighbour you have heard about."

Hughes was given a 12-month community order with rehabilitation following the trial.

She was also handed a two year restraining order forbidding her from contacting her victims in any way, or directing cameras at any neighbours' house.

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