£15m Moneypenny Wrexham office with treehouse and pub opens

image copyrightMoneypenny

A £15m telephone company headquarters, claiming to be the "happiest workplace in the UK", has opened in Wrexham.

The 91,000-sq ft Moneypenny development at Western Gateway includes a treehouse meeting room, its own village pub and a sun terrace.

Outside there are nature trails, a duck pond and orchards.

The telephone answering service plans to create 500 new jobs over the next few years and hopes to double its client base by 2018.

image copyrightMoneypenny

Co-founder and director Ed Reeves said: "What we believe is simple: the happier our staff, the happier our clients.

"We provided our architects with the same budget we'd been quoted to build a standard office and said 'right, show us how we can create something amazing'.

"It was a challenge, but we ripped up the rulebook and that's exactly what they did."

image copyrightMoneypenny
image copyrightMoneypenny

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