North East Wales

Denbighshire mother guilty of neglect over 'squalid' home

Llandudno Magistrates' Court Image copyright Kenneth Allen/Jaggery

Three children lived in conditions so filthy and squalid a police officer needed to go outside for fresh air, a court heard.

The Denbighshire home also stank of faeces and rotten food, while there was drug paraphernalia lying around.

Their mother, 39, who cannot be named, admitted three counts of neglect at Llandudno Magistrates' Court.

She will be sentenced in three weeks, while the children's father faces identical charges.

"The place was in a virtually uninhabitable condition," said prosecutor John Wylde, who added it was likely "unnecessary suffering" would have been caused.

He described how an uncle raised concerns and officers were sent, but they had to use torches to search the home as there was no lighting.

'Dreadfully upset'

The court was shown footage from body-cams worn by police.

Chris Dawson, defending, said over the Christmas period, the children's mother, a former heroin user, became ill with a chest infection and her health deteriorated.

"She was so poorly she couldn't get out of bed," he said, using this as explanation for the house's condition.

He added: "She is dreadfully upset and embarrassed by the whole situation and is desperate to demonstrate that she is capable of being a good mother," he said.

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