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Man 'obsessed' with ex-beauty queen Chloe Hopkins jailed

image captionChloe Hopkins said she believed Mantova needed help

A man who has been "chronically obsessed" with a former beauty queen and has taunted her for five years, has been jailed.

Anthony Mantova, 39, of Meliden, Prestatyn had breached a restraining order which banned him from posting about Chloe Hopkins on the internet.

The 24-year-old former Miss Prestatyn sobbed in Caernarfon Crown Court as she pleaded: "Please make it stop."

Mantova was previously found guilty by magistrate. He was jailed for a year.

Caernarfon Crown Court heard he had breached an order imposed in 2012 after Miss Hopkins posted a video on YouTube of her singing a Katy Perry song.

Mr Mantova, who has MS, had twice before received jail sentences for breaching the order.

Addressing the court before he was jailed, Miss Hopkins read an impact statement to the court, sitting behind a screen so that Mantova, who sat expressionless throughout the case, could not see her.

Sometimes sobbing, she said she would lie in bed at night wondering "how can someone hate me so much?"

"It's gone on long enough," she said. "Please make it stop."

image captionAnthony Mantova had never shown remorse, the judge said

A probation officer told the court that Mantova lacked awareness of the impact of his behaviour and had no understanding about other people's feelings.

"He used his computer as a substitute for his social life and to inflict harm on others," she added.

Passing sentence, Recorder Simon Mills told Mantova: "You are plainly completely, utterly, chronically obsessed with Chloe Hopkins."

He added that had had shown no remorse, had breathtaking arrogance, and if his behaviour was repeated he could expect to spend many years of his life behind bars.

Afterwards, Miss Hopkins, who is involved in the National Stalking Helpline, said: "I'm shocked by the sentence but don't blame the judge. It's the law that's wrong, what he needs is two or three years in a psychiatric hospital.

"I'm lucky to have a marvellous family and a great group of friends, who have come along to court to support me."

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