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Accidental verdict for Ethan Brady-Rainey swing death

Bridge over the River Dee

A 12-year-old- boy died of head injuries after falling from a rope swing, an inquest has heard.

Ethan Brady-Rainey, from Trefor, near Llangollen, Denbighshire, was looking for conkers with friends when they found the swing on the banks of the River Dee in September 2015.

The Ruthin inquest gave the cause of death as a head injury sustained due to a fall from height.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded.

One of Ethan's friends told the inquest that he first of all thought he was playing a prank.

"We had been collecting conkers for about three or four minutes when we heard a scream," he said in a statement read to the court.

"He was lying face-down in the water. All his body was in the water and he was floating face-down,"

Two boys dragged his body out of the river and they tried to resuscitate him, but he was already "pale and blue".

A post mortem examination found Ethan suffered a severe head injury and a fractured skull, consistent with hitting a hard object such as a rock.

His brain was bruised and he would have died instantly, knowing "nothing at all", the inquest heard.

Coroner John Gittins said Ethan "was doing something with his mates that he loved doing... having a bit of fun and doing things boys do".

Mr Gittins added he was "incredibly impressed" by the actions of his friends.

"They showed huge bravery," the coroner said, adding there was nothing they could have done to save him.

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