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Gold and silver coins found in Wrexham declared treasure

Gold ring Image copyright National Museum Wales
Image caption The treasure was found by two men who were out metal detecting

A hoard of medieval gold and silver coins found in Wrexham has been declared treasure.

Three gold and 25 silver English coins from the reigns of Edward III, Richard II and Henry VI, along with three pennies, were found near Bronington.

The coins were found in 2013 by Cliff Massey, and a gold ring was also found by Mr Massey and Peter Walpole in 2014.

Wrexham County Borough Museum has expressed an interest in acquiring the coins and the ring.

National Museum Wales said the earliest coins, from the the reign of Edward I or II, were struck between 1280 and 1327 and are considerably worn through use.

Those from the era of Henry VI (1422-61) are relatively unworn and it is thought all the coins come from a single hoard which was lost or deposited after 1465.

It is not known what era the pennies are from.

Steve Grenter, heritage services manager at Wrexham museum, said: "We have relatively little material relating to the period of the Wars of the Roses, so the hoard would be a significant addition to our archaeological collections."

Image copyright National Museum Wales

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