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Eloise Parry tried to warn others of diet pill dangers

Eloise Aimee Parry Image copyright West Mercia Police
Image caption Eloise Aimee Parry died in hospital on 12 April

A student who died after taking diet pills she bought online had wanted to warn others of the dangers they posed.

Eloise Aimee Parry, 21, from Shrewsbury, died on April 12 after taking more than the recommended dose.

Police said the tablets were believed to contain dinitrophenol, known as DNP, which is an industrial chemical.

Before she died, she spoke to Glyndwr university student guild vice president Marc Caldecott about starting an awareness campaign.

They agreed to run a campaign on weight loss pills in general, as Eloise did not want to tempt students by naming specific drugs.

Mr Caldecott described her as "very lively" and "bubbly" and said he was not aware the popular student took the pills before her death.

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Media captionEloise Aimee Parry's mother, Fiona: Toxic pills 'a one-way trip'

Ms Parry's mother Fiona also warned others about the dangers of the pills.

She said her daughter walked into the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital herself after taking more than the recommended dose, but said there was "no great panic" until a toxicology report had revealed "how dire her situation was".

She said Eloise had taken eight tablets, when two is considered a potentially lethal dosage.

The pills made her metabolism soar, which made cooling her down difficult.

Ms Parry said: "She was literally burning up from within. When her heart stopped, they couldn't revive her. She had crashed."

She described it as "an awful way to die", and said Eloise's "little fix" that allowed her to achieve her super-slim appearance had cost her her life.

Like Mr Caldecott, Ms Parry had no idea her daughter was taking the pills until after she died, describing them as "bad news".

An inquest was opened and adjourned until 2 July by Shropshire coroner John Ellery after a hearing in Shrewsbury.

Image caption Glyndwr university student guild vice president Marc Caldecott described Ms Parry as 'bubbly'

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