Wrexham strong alcohol ban trial by North Wales Police

image captionMany major retailers in Wrexham have stopped stocking super-strength beer and cider

A campaign against the sale of super strength alcohol in Wrexham has been launched by North Wales Police.

Officers claim drinks above 6.5% by volume can have a link with crime on the streets.

The campaign is backed by most of the town's retailers, who have already stopped stocking the items.

A similar project by Suffolk Police cuts street crime arrests in Ipswich town centre by 49.2% and lowered levels of anti-social behaviour by 19%.

Sergeant Paul Wycherley, who patrols the town centre said: "Super strength alcohol is often favoured by those most vulnerable in our community.

"Providing these people with these products increases their vulnerability to becoming victims of crime, of them becoming involved in criminal activity and the likelihood they will suffer significant health problems.

"I am pleased major shops have already agreed to this initiative and we hope to get more on board."

A single 500ml can of 9% lager contains four and a half units of alcohol, the same amount as in three pints of weak bitter and more than the recommended daily limit for men and women.

Sgt Wycherley added that the project not only aims to make Wrexham safer, but to also ease the pressure on other agencies and emergency services.

Alcohol awareness

He said: "Alcohol-related incidents have a knock-on effect for hospital staff, the fire service and the council, so we hope a positive knock-on effect will be felt by all."

The initiative is being launched to coincide with the start of National Alcohol Awareness Week on Monday.

It is being supported by Tesco, Sainsbury's, the Co-op, Aldi, Asda, and Morrisons stores.

However many of these shops pointed out that they had already taken the decision to withdraw the items ahead of the campaign.

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