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Glynis Solmaz's neighbour 'heard banging and screaming'

Glynis Solmaz
Image caption Glynis Solmaz was found dead after a burglary at her home

The neighbour of a woman found dead after a burglary at her home heard banging and screaming from the house at the time, a court was told.

Glynis Solmaz, 65, was killed in the bedroom of her home at Wrexham, Mold Crown Court has heard.

Alexandros Wetherill, 24, of Wrexham, and Christopher Curran, 34, of Brymbo, Wrexham, both deny murder but Mr Wetherill admits manslaughter.

Both have admitted conspiracy to burgle.

Mrs Solmaz's former son-in-law Christopher Natt, 52, and David Lovell, 29, also admitted conspiracy to burgle.

The second day of the murder trial heard from Katy Hughes, who lived next-door-but-one to Mrs Solmaz.

She told the jury that on the evening of the burglary - Monday, 18 February - she heard banging and muffled voices and then a woman's scream from the home as she and her partner were lying in bed watching television.

She said there were then louder hammering noises.

"It was that loud it was as if it was coming through the wall. It was really thudding, really loud," she said.

Then Mrs Solmaz's house went silent, the court was told.

Ms Hughes told the court she learnt of her neighbour's death when a police officer came to her door on the Wednesday morning.

The first North Wales Police officer on the scene, PC Luke Evans, said he was told that there had been a robbery and that Mrs Solmaz was dead.

In a bedroom at the rear of the property on the town's Caia Park estate he saw a hole in the wall and a chest of drawers open.

'Criminal team'

He then found Mrs Solmaz's body on the floor alongside the bed, the court heard.

The prosecution claims Mrs Solmaz was the victim of her ex-son-in-law's knowledge - he used to live in the house and had installed a safe in her bedroom - and the rest of a "criminal team" acting on gossip about her perceived wealth.

The trial has heard it claimed that Mr Wetherill was the first of the two defendants to go to the house to empty the safe of the cash and jewels they believed Mrs Solmaz possessed.

He was unable to remove the safe while also subduing Mrs Solmaz so Mr Curran, a long-standing acquaintance of Mrs Solmaz, went to the house to help.

Simon Medland QC, prosecuting, has told the court: "Wetherill had his foot on her head restraining her further. Curran did nothing to help Mrs Solmaz.

He added: "That the fatal injuries to Mrs Solmaz were caused by Wetherill alone does not in any way effect the culpability of Curran for the murder.

"Here were two men, part of a criminal team of burglars, involved directly in the crime."

Mr Medland continued on Thursday by reading formal admissions to the jury.

The court heard both defendants went to Wrexham police station voluntarily but separately.

The trial continues.

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