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999 call about stuck sofa among nuisance calls to North Wales Police

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Media captionNorth Wales Police have revealed some of the nuisance calls it has received in the last 12 months

A 999 call about a sofa stuck in a door and someone being unable to contact their catalogue firm were among nuisance calls to North Wales Police.

Other examples included a man looking for a woman he had met on holiday and a woman asking if her stiletto shoe had been handed in.

The force said it had dealt with 520,000 calls, including emergency and non-emergency calls in the last year.

But it said nuisance callers delayed responses to real emergencies.

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Media caption999 nuisance call over catalogue customer's wrong number

North Wales Police released information about some of its calls in a bid to cut down on the number of those considered a nuisance.

The force said it had received automated PPI claims messages and 999 "happy new year" messages.

Temporary Supt Alex Goss said: "Each unnecessary call to us reduces time available for calls which are for genuine policing matters.

"Phoning 999 - which is an emergency line - for trivial matters such as being annoyed with catalogue companies is a complete waste of resources, and could possibly prevent a genuine life or death emergency call being put through."

In August, the Welsh Ambulance Service said it received almost 1,500 non-essential or hoax calls in the previous 12 months.

In one, a man dialled 999 because he had hiccups and in another a child called the emergency services claiming a snowman had been stolen.

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