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Teenager Jack Bellis defends Foryd Harbour bridge walk

Teenagers on the Foryd Bridge
Teenagers on the Foryd Bridge
Teenagers on the Foryd Bridge

A teenager who was criticised for a death-defying stunt running across the top of a bridge with a friend has defended their actions.

Jack Bellis's stunt at Rhyl's Foryd Bridge has led to calls for tighter security.

But the Wrexham 16-year-old said it was not dangerous and he was practising Parkour, also known as free running.

Rhyl town councillor Ian Armstrong said children had been running the bridge "for years" but it should be stopped.

Photographer Geoff Abbott saw the pair and told the Daily Post newspaper they could have been killed if they had fallen.

But Jack told BBC Radio Wales that it was "just about as dangerous as crossing a road".

He said he climbed the bridge - which spans the River Clwyd at Foryd Harbour - "for the view more than anything really".

He said he had been practising Parkour for about four years after watching videos on the internet.

"I do it as often as I can. I often travel to Liverpool and Manchester and train with the other Parkour community," he said.

Image caption Jack Bellis said he went up the bridge 'for the view'

He described the activity as "using the fastest way possible just to get from point A to point B".

Jack admitted he and his friends often got stopped but they were "not out to cause trouble".

He added: "Too many kids are on the computer or PlayStation... they're not getting out much".

Mr Armstrong - who had never heard of Parkour - said children had been running across the bridge for years.

"I'm 70-odd and I did it when I was a teenager," he said.

"It's gone on for years. People used to dive off it years ago. You used to just go and do it.

"It is dangerous, there's no doubt about it. I think it should be stopped but I don't see how you can stop it".

North Wales Police said there would not be an investigation but the force would be putting out safety advice.

The interview with Jack Bellis can be heard on BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme on Tuesday from 16:00 BST.

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