North East Wales

Domestic abuse victim admits harassment charge

A victim of domestic abuse ended up in court on a harassment charge against her ex-partner after she made attempts to contact him on Facebook.

Kelly Leanne Evans, 26, from Dobshill, Flintshire, tried to contact Steven Southall using the social network site following his release from prison.

But he found her approaches distressing and complained, Flintshire magistrates sitting at Mold were told.

She received a 12-month conditional discharge.

The court was told the defendant had been concerned Mr Southall was tagging a photograph of a relative of hers on his new girlfriend's site.

"It's that dreaded Facebook again," Phillip Lloyd Jones, defending, told magistrates.


The court heard Mr Southall had been to prison over the domestic abuse but in July he was at a hotel in the Bangor area when his ex-partner made three attempts to contact him by Facebook.

As a result she was served with a harassment notice by police.

But then she tried to contact him again on Facebook and prosecutor Justin Espie said that Mr Southall found it distressing.

She admitted a harassment charge but in the circumstances District Judge Andrew Shaw gave her a 12-month conditional discharge.

Her defence stressed she was a woman of good character who had been in a violent relationship.

She conceded that in drink she had contacted him on Facebook, said her lawyer.