Rhyl inflatable dinghy rescue prompts RNLI safety warning


The RNLI has warned boat owners of the dangers of putting to sea without proper equipment after two men in an inflatable dinghy got into difficulty off north Wales.

The pair were rescued by lifeboat after being spotted about two miles (3.2km) off Rhyl, Denbighshire, by a police helicopter at 20:18 BST on Monday.

It is believed they were rowing to a wind farm six miles (9.5km) offshore.

Rhyl lifeboat coxswain Martin Jones said they were lucky to have been seen.

"The two men had no lifejackets, VHF radio, mobile phone, personal safety equipment or distress signals to attract attention should there have been an issue on board," said Mr Jones.

"With the deteriorating light conditions they were lucky to be spotted and taken safely ashore."

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