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Wrexham Football Club may date back to 1860s, researchers find

Wales' oldest football club may have to bring forward its 150th anniversary celebrations as the club may have been founded even earlier than thought.

Supporters of Wrexham FC were being consulted on changing the founding date on the club's badge from 1873 to 1872.

But that has been put on hold as researchers now believe the club may actually date back to the 1860s.

That could place the Blue Square Bet Premier team among the oldest in the UK.

A resolution was due to go before a meeting of the Supporters Trust, which owns the club, asking that the founding date of 1872 be recognised as the official start date.

It was backed by an article found in an edition of the Wrexham Guardian dated 5 October 1872 about a meeting to found the club.

But in recent weeks another article from the Wrexham Advertiser appears to suggest it was founded in the 1860s.

Researchers are now attempting to verify the new dates.

Spencer Harris, a director of both the club and trust, said: "We were asking members to formerly ratify a change to the date of our foundation.

"Since then further information has come to light which could put Wrexham even older than 1872.

"It could be one of the oldest clubs in existence - possibly in the top three - which would be fantastic."

The oldest league club in the UK is Notts County which dates back to 1862.

Mr Harris said once they had a confirmed date as to when the club was formed they would consult with members about any changes to the club badge or other alterations that need to be made.

He added: "We are already the oldest club in Wales.

"It could be we have to bring forward our 150 year anniversary celebrations."

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