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Wrexham Lager job hopes as it returns to pubs

One of Wales' most famous drink brands is making a return to pubs after an absence of almost a decade.

Wrexham Lager has been revived at a micro-brewery by a group of local businessmen.

The lager went on sale at the first local pub from Saturday.

The brewers say they have brought back the original strength and flavour of the beer, rather than a version sold by brewing giant Carlsberg Tetley, which scrapped the brand in 2002.

Mark Roberts, co-owner of the new Wrexham Lager Beer Company, said: "If everything is successful and people enjoy what we produce then hopefully we can increase our production.

"Hopefully, jobs will come with that as well which is good for the town and the area."

The lager will be available only in kegs for the time being.

It follows a recipe from the 1970s, when the lager was at 4% strength before it was changed to 3.2%.

Around the world

The first pub to sell the beer is the Buck House, Bangor on Dee, run by Allan Hayes, chair of Wrexham Licensed Victuallers Association.

His daughter, Karen Jones, who works at the family-run pub, said the first pint was being auctioned for charity.

The new brewery is run by brother Mark and Vaughan Roberts, engineer and designer John Bowler and head brewer Ian Dale.

It is located in one of the old warehouses of the Roberts brothers' distribution firm, F Jones, but it uses same water source as the original brewery.

Image caption The former Wrexham Lager office is all that remains on the site of the brewery which is now a retail park

By the 1860s, there were 19 breweries in Wrexham.

The most famous became Wrexham Lager, which was founded in 1882 by Otto Isler and Ivan Levinstein, two German immigrants from Saxony.

They called it the Wrexham Lager Beer Company in 1881 and started brewing lager a year later.

It was once sold around the world but brewing of Wrexham Lager came to an end in 2002.

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