North East Wales

'Crazy' sea rescue near Rhyl of mother and son, 15

A mother and her 15-year-old son have been criticised after they were rescued drifting out to sea on an inflatable rubber ring.

Rescuers at the incident at Towyn, near Rhyl, on Tuesday said neither were properly equipped, and were heading out to sea in a strong offshore wind.

Coastguards called their actions "crazy", and said people should use common sense.

The mother and son were treated in hospital for the cold.

The pair had gone into the sea at Towyn beach near Knightly's funfair and had taken two inflatables with them, but lost one.

Holyhead Coastguard watch manager Ray Carson said they were lucky they were spotted by the Rhyl lifeboat station, and a member of the public who called police.

"For goodness sake, it's nearly November and they were not properly dressed and were very cold," he said.

Both were taken by ambulance to hospital and the boy, in particular, was showing signs of hypothermia, he said.

'Mucking about'

Even if the pair had been properly equipped, Mr Carson added that "mucking about on inflatable ring in a strong offshore wind is not a suitable pastime for this time of year".

The inflatables were not recovered and by the time the pair had been brought ashore by Rhyl lifeboat they had been blown out to sea, as far as the offshore wind farms, Mr Carson said.

"People should use common sense.

"We are not killjoys but they should think before they do stuff and take notice of the relevant forecasts and have the proper equipment," he added.

Rhyl lifeboat coxswain Martin Jones said the mother and son were "very lucky to survive with the water temperature, the distance they were off the shore, the strong offshore winds and ebbing tide".

"We strongly advise anyone going offshore with inflatable toys to tether a line before going out," he added.

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