Warning as child burnt by Chinese lantern in Wrexham

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Chinese lanterns are increasingly being used at weddings

A fire service has warned of the perils of Chinese sky lanterns after a child suffered burns on Bonfire Night.

The boy was taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital for treatment after an incident involving a paper lantern at 20.48 BST on Friday.

His injuries are not said to be serious and he has been released from hospital.

North Wales Fire and Rescue said thankfully the boy's injuries were not serious but people needed to be careful when handing the lanterns.

They are becoming popular features at weddings and celebrations.

Andy Robb of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: "These lanterns are popular, but we are appealing to the public to be aware of the possible fire hazards of Chinese fire lanterns and therefore the need to be careful when handling them.

"Make sure that no one is standing underneath when they are set up as there is a possibility that oil or wax can tip over and cause injury.

"Thankfully, this time the child's injuries were not severe and he was released from Wrexham Maelor Hospital after treatment."

Increasing menace

Made of paper, the lanterns are able to float through the air due to their light weight and the heat generated by the small candle or oil inside.

But they are said to present such an increasing menace to livestock that farmers have to mount "lantern patrols," to check land for wire from the devices.

The National Farmers' Union has written to the government. Coastguards say they are often mistaken for distress flares.

UK-based maker Sky Lanterns says it is introducing safer lanterns and wants models using metal wire banned.

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