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Car crashes through pub toilet wall near Wrexham

A pub landlady has told how she discovered a car embedded in the wall of the men's toilets.

Di Watson, from the Gredington Arms, in Llan y Pwll, near Wrexham, said she had been with customers on Saturday night when she heard a "massive bang".

She said: "I knew exactly what had happened. It has happened before."

The driver was taken to hospital with a suspected broken wrist. The A534 was closed overnight but has since reopened with one lane and traffic lights.

The accident happened on a bend on the A534 near Sandy Lane at Llan y Pwll.

Image caption The car flew through the air and hit the wall of the Gredington Arms, crashing through into the gents' toilet on Saturday night

Mrs Watson said: "I was in the restaurant with customers and we heard a massive bang.

"A car with several people had gone into the wall, flown through the air and embedded itself in the gents' toilets.

"It's like something out of a film set, with part of the car sticking out and the front sticking through the wall."

The accident happened at about 2100 BST.

"I knew exactly what had happened because it's happened before. Shortly after we took over the pub we had a car crash into it."

She said she had previously asked for a reduction in the speed limit on the road but had been told it was not possible.

The pub is still open after a structural engineer visited and said there was no danger.

"We're still serving even with the car lodged in in the gents' wall," she said.

Image caption The pub is awaiting the insurance assessment

Her husband Rod said: "My wife came into the kitchen and said 'there's a car come straight into the gents toilet' which I did not believe particularly at the time.

"So I thought I'd take a look and believe me, yes.

"There were five people in the car: one chap and four girls. I think one girl had a sprained or broken wrist but the rest seemed alright.

"He was a very nice chap, very apologetic, very young.

"The car is still there and the trouble is they can't move it because it's supporting the gable end of the building. So we just have to see now what the loss adjustors, the insurance people do."

He said thankfully no-one was in the toilet at the time.

"Somebody had just come out. The main lintel across the windows the car had hit out. If somebody had been [there] he would have been killed or very seriously injured."

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