Pearl Izumu UK Tour Series will not visit Aberystwyth

Image source, SweetSpot

A cycling event that brought £300,000 to Aberystwyth in 2016 will not return this year, it has been announced.

The town held a stage of the Pearl Izumi UK Tour Series to launch the AberCycleFest in May, with a report saying it drew 5,000 visitors.

Ceredigion council discussed spending £66,000 to host it again and said it was "fully committed" to the move.

But tour organiser Sweetspot told the council it would not be returning this year.

The professional cycling event will visit 10 locations around the UK but none in Wales in 2017.

Councillor Gareth Lloyd said a new format meant the town would not be included and council officials are now looking at alternative events to launch Aberystwyth CycleFest.

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