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Archaeopteryx dinosaur fossil on display in Aberystwyth

Archaeopteryx Image copyright John Sibbick/NHMPL

A 150 million-year-old dinosaur fossil will go on display at a Jurassic heritage exhibition in Ceredigion.

The Archaeopteryx, which had a 1m (3.2ft) wing span, is believed to be the link between prehistoric dinosaurs and the modern bird.

It is being displayed at Aberystwyth University's Old College from 14 February until 21 April.

The exhibition will be complemented by fossils from the university's own collection.

The Archaeopteryx is known as the "first true bird" but only 12 have ever been found.

The display is funded by a Heritage Lottery grant, geologist Dr Terry Adams and the physics department outreach fund, with the fossil on loan from National Museum Wales.

Image copyright Aberystwyth University

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