Aberystwyth disability team's Paralympics inspiration hopes

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Aber StarsImage source, Chris Howells

A disability football team from Aberystwyth has said if the Paralympic Games do not inspire new members to join, it may have to shut.

Aber Stars was set up a few months after the 2012 Games, but its coach said membership waned and if more left, it would not be able to continue.

Steven Brookes said when Aber Stars launched it had a team in three different over-16 leagues.

Now, there are sometimes fewer than five players at training.

Mr Brookes said the venture was very important to the people involved, but the team was increasingly having to borrow players from other sides in order to play.

"I hope that this year's Paralympics will help," he said.

Image source, Chris Howells

"It would be great if we could have a full team again as I worry that if more players leave we will no longer be able to keep the team going.

"For the players involved disability football is very important to them. It has given them a chance to be part of a team, meet new people and play the sport they love."

The team was set up by Aberystwyth Town Football Club as part of its commitment to become a community club, trains every week and plays in tournaments regularly. It plays in the West Wales PAN League, which covers an area from Bridgend to Aberystwyth.

"I do believe people don't know much about the team and they'd be surprised if they saw the quality of some players that play disability football," Mr Brookes said.

Image source, Chris Howells