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Report overhaul call for Welsh Pantycelyn halls, Aberystwyth

Protestors outside Pantycelyn halls

A board looking at the future of Welsh accommodation at Aberystwyth University is calling for it to be overhauled.

Students climbed on to the roof of the Welsh-language hall of residence, Pantycelyn, last June to protest its proposed closure.

The Pantycelyn Project Board was set up to secure its future and its report on Friday has tabled two options for more than £8m in improvements.

The university's council will discuss the report in its meeting next month.

Protestors have accused the university of not valuing the language enough.

The university had recommended the halls close to make them "fit for purpose".

The report outlines options for developing Welsh-medium student accommodation in Pantycelyn with 199 rooms, including 114 with en suite facilities or the preferred choice - 200 en suite rooms.

The report calls on the university council to commit to renovating and reopening Pantycelyn by September 2019.

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