Mid Wales

Sickness outbreak probe linked to Three Cocks garden centre

Old Railway Line Garden Centre Image copyright Google

Forty people have been taken ill after a sickness outbreak linked to a garden centre in Powys, Public Health Wales has said.

They became unwell after visiting the Old Railway Line Garden Centre, Three Cocks, near Brecon, on Mother's Day on Sunday.

Health officials are investigating what caused the outbreak, which is said to be short-lived.

The centre's owner said it was likely the norovirus sickness bug had spread.

Mark Cleary added: "Customers we have been in contact with have symptoms closely matching those of the nasty norovirus which is currently widespread throughout south Wales.

"It is likely that one or two of the hundreds of visitors we welcomed that day has brought the virus or something similar with them and passed it on to others.

"It is also worth noting that some of the people with the illness did not visit or eat in our restaurant last Sunday."

The premises remains open for business.