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The Epynt Commons: Land could be sold for wind farm development

One of the Epynt Commons

Four large commons up for sale next to the Sennybridge military training range in Powys could be developed for wind farms, claim the selling agents.

The land, known as The Epynt Commons, comprises over 2,500 acres (1,012 hectares) and is valued at a total of nearly £150,000.

Agents selling the land said it could be developed for wind farms due to its elevation.

But the Open Spaces Society said it was dismayed over the suggestion.

Common land, which covers 432,434 acres (175,000 hectares) of land across Wales, often dates back to medieval times.

The Epynt Commons is owned by Tredegar Estate and is subject to grazing and access rights, but can be sold just like any other land, says the selling agent.

Nearly 230 people graze sheep, ponies and horses on the four commons, and this is only the third time in 300 years they have been placed on the market.

Chester Master Property Consultants said they had potential for wind farm development, subject to planning permission, due to their elevation and the high wind speeds in the area.

The firm said the commons could also interest nature conservationists, local farmers and those with a sporting interests.

But Kate Ashbrook of the Open Spaces Society said it would be difficult to build wind farms on the land.

"I am dismayed that these lovely commons should be up for sale with the stated aim of wind farm development," she said.

"Whoever buys them, because it's registered common land, would find in difficult to get (building) consent.

'Rare occurrence'

"They would need the consent of all the graziers, planning permission and the consent of the Welsh government's environment minister."

The Tredegar Estate bought the land in 1984.

Chester Master Property Consultants director Francis Chester-Master said: "It's a extremely rare occurrence for land like this to be marketed publicly and due to its interest to both local farmers and wind farm developers it is perhaps unsurprising that we are already receiving a lot of interest and offers.

"We would as a result encourage other interested parties to register their interest as quickly as possible to avoid missing out."

The property is offered for sale by private treaty with the following guide prices - lot one: £35,000, lot two: £60,000, lot three: £25,000 and lot four: £25,000.

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