Mid Wales

Borth coastal defences 'already preventing floods'

Residents say a £29m coastal defence project close to completion off the coast of Borth near Aberystwyth is already helping to prevent flooding.

It includes two man-made reefs 300m off the coast.

Householders close to the sea say the new defences have stopped two high tides spilling into their properties.

Borth is built on a shingle bank and has a long history of flooding, but it is hoped the work will protect residents for many years to come.

Thousands of large rocks were shipped from Norway to help construct the reefs.

They have been designed to also improve surfing conditions which it is hoped will boost tourism.

But Ceredigion council said their main purpose was to prevent flooding.

Anthony Morris, whose house backs on to the coast, remembers the flood of 1976, which caused major damage to many homes.

He said the defences near him were completed several months ago.

"In that time we have experienced two sets of heavy tides - strong winds with big seas.

"While not to the extent of 1976 certainly had the new defences not been here then there would have been over tipping into peoples' back yards."

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