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Cardigan Christmas lights banned after safety fear

A west Wales town is to go without Christmas lights in its main street due to health and safety concerns.

Cardigan Chamber of Commerce raised around £20,000 to pay for new lights.

But when engineers attempted to install them it was found that the fixings and brackets used in the past were far too weak for the new lights.

The chamber said that there was not enough time or money to install new brackets on shop walls but it would be done in time for next Christmas.

Cardigan Christmas festival will go ahead as planned on Thursday night, and there will be festive lights on the Guildhall, as well as a 30ft tree.

Neil Jones, chamber vice-chair, told BBC Wales: "Unfortunately the weight of the new lights was a bit too much for the old brackets.


"We actually tested them, but they had to be tightened up somewhat, like a guitar string and because of that the weight of the new lights was too heavy."

Mr Jones said they could not use the town's old lights, as tests showed they remained dangerous to use on health and safety grounds.

But he said the town's shopkeepers had rallied round.

"A lot of the traders have put Christmas trees up and decorated things. We've got extra lights up at the guildhall, so we have got a bit of a show on," he added.

"They are quite understanding and they know that they are going to get a very good show for next year."

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