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Wheelchair stolen in drunken prank in Knighton

Drunken revellers are being blamed for stealing and vandalising a man's wheelchair which was left outside a pub in Powys.

The chair was stolen in Knighton while its owner was inside the pub, and it was later found abandoned and damaged.

Pc Bill Cowan of Dyfed-Powys Police said the victim was forced to walk home in "treacherous" weather conditions in the early hours of Sunday.

An appeal for information has been made.

Pc Cowan said: "A local Knighton resident with a walking disability was forced to walk home in freezing and treacherous conditions after a thoughtless individual decided to remove his wheelchair.

"The owner did not even have any walking aids with him to assist his journey home and even though the wheelchair was later found abandoned nearby, it was only discovered after its owner had endured an icy and difficult journey home.

"It is believed that a drunken reveller out on a Saturday night may have decided to play and have fun with the wheelchair."

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