Shops in Powys given advice on aggressive customers


Shops and takeaways are being offered advice about how to manage violent and aggressive customers.

Powys council has joined forces with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to tackle the problem.

Over the next four weeks council officers will visit 20 premises including shops, clubs, pubs and takeaway restaurants.

The council said statistics showed one UK worker was attacked or threatened each minute of the shopping day.

The authority said people often had to take time off work after such incidents, which caused problems for business owners.

Councillor Graham Brown, who is responsible for public protection, said: "Businesses shouldn't have to accept work-related violence as being 'part of the job' and the aim of the project is to raise awareness of the range of measures that can be taken to address aggression and violence, thereby contributing to efforts to reduce the effects of stress at work

"Simple measures can be taken to reduce the risk of crime, we don't want people being fearful.

"Many events and crimes go unreported but it's important that we learn about them so we can target our efforts accordingly."

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